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    27e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne


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    I just received a shako plate from a fellow member Ken(Ausnapoleon) and thought I'd show it off.

    27e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne


    1793 - Weissenburg

    1794 - Fleurus and Breda

    1799 - Mannheim, Bruchsai, Veisembach and Erbach

    1800 - Brandenbourg, Hohenlinden, Neumakt and Lambech

    1805 - guntzbourg, Elchingen, Ulm and Scharnitz

    1806 - Jena and Soldau

    1807 - Walterdorf, Eylau, Guttstadt and Friedland

    1808 - Tudela

    1809 - Ebersberg, Essling and Wagram

    1810 - Siege of Cuidad-Rodrigo, Coa, Almeida and Bussaco

    1811 - Redhina, Fos-de-Arona and Fuentes-d'Onoro

    1812 - Salamanca

    1813 - Lutzen, Dresden and Kulm

    1814 - Orthez and Toulouse

    1815 - Waterloo

    More Info Here


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    I believe most of these were stamped not cast. In the 70s when I visited Waterloo I bought a repro cast plate of the 27th just like yours. If yours is cast you might want to get it checked out with someone who really knows these kinds of plates.

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    I don't recall anymore, it was 30 years ago but it was cast and it was the 27th. They sold them at the gift shop behind the Lion monument. However, I have owned some original French Napoleonic plates over the years including battlefield excavated ones and they were all thin sheet brass stampings. Yours looks like a heavy casting from what I can see in the scan although I could be wrong. The headgear of the time was surprising light weight due to the fact that soldiers had to wear it all the time, which is why ornaments were generally thin stampings. A British Grenadiers cap of the warrant of 1768 only weighs about 1.4 lbs total.

    You should show the pictures of yours front and back to some experienced collectors of this material for verification.

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    I think from the vies from the back by the "27" it looks like a stamping in thin metal....

    Looks pretty granular on the back like sand casting. The owner should be able to tell just by handling it if it's a casting or a stamping.

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