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    what order ?

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    Hello forumfriends,

    Yesterday i did visit a archive here in Belgium and came along the following french descritption of a award:

    l'ordre Albert le Valeureux

    I have never ever heard of that one before, it is for certain a foreign (read non belgian) award towards a belgian subject.

    All help is welcome

    Cordial greetings,

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    Hi Stijn,

    This question should be placed in the imperial German thread, as this is the saxon Order of Albert.

    If you do a little google on the english name, you will find many pictures of this beautifull order.

    But also this site gives a good number of hits!

    Kind regards,


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    Hi jacky,

    Thanks for the fast answer, and now we go towards a more difficult one =>

    What is meanth with the "Avanti Orden".

    This award is to situate between 1940-45 and was awarded towards German soldiers, however it was not a German award. What was it then?

    Cordial greetings,

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