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    1st Pattern Fallschirmsch?tzenabzeichen

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    When these 1st pattern badges were first catalogued, the general consensus was that the badge, although being accepted as ?Juncker?, was most likely collaboration between the factories of ?Juncker? and ?Assmann?, having the ?Assmann? eagle and the 1st pattern ?Juncker? wreath. On closer inspection, however, the differences can be clearly seen, giving us a totally ?Juncker? product.

    Instituted on the 5th November 1936 and detailed in Luftwaffe orders (Verordnungsblatt) on the 16th November ?36, under order # 475610612, these particular badges would have been the first production run for the newly formed Paratrooper regiments.

    The similarity between Juncker & Assmann eagles is quite remarkable, but when you consider that they were the foremost produces of Luftwaffe qualification badges and that they were both working from designer?s technical drawings, it?s not surprising.

    Assmann, although known for producing a heavier wartime wreath, continued to use the same style of eagle, from their 1st pattern, through to late war zinc examples. Juncker, on the other hand, perhaps released from the constraints of the initial design requirements, changed their dies a little more often, producing both heavier wreaths and eagles for their wartime examples.

    This example is nicely marked with the maker?s name, has a field repaired catch and would have to be described as slightly ?battle weary? ? Still, a rarely seen piece from the early days.

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    That is one amazing early FJ badge! (Heck all those badges shown are superb!)

    It's fascinating to see the comparison as like many others I too thought the eagle was from Assmann.

    There is so much mystery surrounding component sharing... Deumer, Juncker & IMME; Assmann & B&NL; etc that I wonder if we'll ever really know who actually produced what or even if another unknown firm produced the parts and sold them to these known companies!?


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