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    Mongolians in Iraq

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    We're talking 2003 here, not 1258 (the last time they invaded Iraq).

    Mongolia has sent a battalion-strength force (about 180 men, though rotated in and out since 2003) to Iraq for reconstruction purposes.

    They are awarded:

    1- The Mongolian medal for overseas/peacekeeping operations. (Also awarded for UN deployments.)

    2- The Multinational Division Central South unofficial award.

    This came as a group, and it probably is one, but it will likely never give in to efforts at attribution.

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    It seems that guy didn't care at all to keep those medals when we are talking about 3-4 years from now on.

    Hallo Soviet, :cheers:

    British & US serving soldiers & veterans of Iraq and Afganistan are selling their service medals just as quick too :o

    At one time a medal really meant something to the receipiant, not so sure about the current awards :unsure:

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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