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    Hello ,I just aquired this group cheap





    - is this a Baden Order in the second place?

    Is this combo possible and what kind of officer would have worn it?

    Sorry for the poor pictures, I will post better ones when it arrives.

    Regards, Hardy

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    Guest Rick Research

    Yup-- Baden Order of the Z?hringen Lion in 2nd place. Hard to tell from the scans, but it looks like both it and the Austrian award's rings were right up near the top of the bar, which suggests a Knight 2nd Class with Oakleaves and Xs and an Austro-Hungarain Franz Joseph Order-Knight on the war ribbon to me. Medical captain sort of recipient.

    Good scans will help.

    If you're lucky, it looks like there are clips so the awards just slid in and out.

    Unfortunately it will NOT be inexpensivce replacing those! :speechless1::cheers:

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    Though the clasps are quite top, I think it'd be more likely that it's just for a Baden Knight's Cross IInd Class and an Austrain Military Merit Cross 3rd class - will be much cheaper.

    Small but rather nice group, by the way. :love:

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