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    Mounted pair Cross of Valour and a Monte Cassino Cross Obverse

    This is a mounted pair of the Cross of Valor and the Monte Cassino Commemorative Cross (serial number 35847) to a member of the 2nd Battallion of Artillery. Doc Wesoloski is getting me the name of the recipient.

    CROSS OF VALOR: Fig. 97b in Prof. Wesoloski's book of Polish ODMs. 46mm cross suspended from a white ribbon with two wide purple stripes. Made in Italy


    The Cross was established on May 1944 and awarded in the field during the battle and after to all Polish troops participating in combat in and near Monte Cassino. 49,895 crosses were awarded. The cross is dark bronze with the words MONTE CASSINO MAY 1944 in a center square. The reverse has the serial number stamped in the center. The ribbon is light blue with five red stripes. The cross is 40mm x 40mm.

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    Republic of Poland

    The Air Force Medal obverse

    Air Force Medal

    Established in 1945.

    It was awarded to all Air Force Personnel on active duty during the war. 4,434 medals were awarded.

    The medal is silver with the French ball suspension ring. The Obverse: The center has the Polish Air force insignia, Checkerboard squares enameled in red and white. The insignia is surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. The Reverse has the words POLSKA SWEMU OBRONCY surrounded by an oak leaf wreath.

    The medal is worn on a pale blue ribbon with a white stripe near each of the edge of the ribbon.

    The medal is 36mm in diameter.

    It may be awarded up to four times. Each additional award is noted by the addition of a bar with oak leaves on it.

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    Republic of Poland

    Cross of Merit with Swords, Type I, 1st class

    Established in 1942

    Awarded to Military and Civilians for Meritorious Combat Service.

    Awarded in 3 classes Gold, Silver & Bronze

    Awarded to Members of the Home Army and Underground.

    The letters "RP" are in the center of the cross surrounded by a wreath.

    The ribbon is red with pale blue stripes near each edge.

    The Cross is 45mm

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    Order of Virtuti Militari, 4th Class

    The Polish Order of Virtuti Militari was established 200 years ago by King Stanislaw August Poniatowski. It is the highest military decoration awarded for gallantry above and beyond the call of duty. It is the equivalent of America's Medal of Honor or Britain's Victoria cross. It is awarded in 5 classes.

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    People's Republic of Poland

    Order of Polonia Restituta, 2nd Class, Grand Commander

    Established by act of Parliament of February 4, 1921.

    Awared to: Polish and foreign citizens for merit to the Polish Country and Nation in the field of art and science, industry, agriculture, politics, philantrophy, as well as for the acts of civilian bravery and self-sacrifice. Until 1974, when the Order of Merit was established, it was also a "diplomatic" order awarded to foreign authorities on ceremonial occasions. The order was conferred in five classes: GC, Grand Commander, Commander, Officer and Member.

    Badge: white enameled gilt Maltese cross with ball finials. Medallion: white eagle on red background; the blue circle bears the Latin motto: POLONIA RESTITVTA (Poland Restored). Reverse: gilt arms, without enamel; medallion bears the year 1944 on red background.

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    People's Republic of Poland

    Cross of Merit, 1st class

    Awarded to military and civilians for Meritorious Service .Awarded in three classes ( Gold, Silver and Bronze).Cross is suspended from a wreath ring. A SSSSSSS stlye wreath is around the white enamel center disk. The letters PRL are on the center disk. Medal is 47mm X 47mm.

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