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    My WWI & WWII Pistol Collection


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    Hi Darrell,

    Beautiful... simply beautiful! :love::jumping::jumping: And I love your scans. You'll have to give some pointers on how you do them in order to get so many details including the waffenamts to show up so clearly. I know my doing scans is a definite improvement over my early digital photos but I realize I still have a ways to go to reach the level you've reached with these. Terrific work! :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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    Where's the Webley? A lovely Webley, that's something to set your sights on too.

    A great collection you have there.


    Hi Tony,

    Hey... all donations gleefully accepted! :jumping::jumping::cheeky: Seriously though, I'd love one along with an Enfield as well. And I'd have to look them up but there's a couple of revolvers known to have been used by Sherlock Holmes and my illustrious ancestor Dr. Watson that I'd dearly love to have some day. I've got a couple of articles on them down in the bunker... will have to dig them out.

    Many thanks for the compliment to the collection. As I say there's still a few I'd love to add. Funny thing is when I got the Nambu they had the Nagant as well as (I think) an Enfield... but it's been so long could have been a Webley. The Nagant was like $200 as was the Nagant as I recall. Who knew we'd get hit with a flood of those as this was quite a bit before the wall fell. The Brit pistol was also about $200... just couldn't do them all at the time so chose the Soviet piece as again back then Soviet items were near impossible to come by. Had I known then what I know now I'd have grabbed the Brit revolver and gone after one of the cheap Nagants complete with holster and accessories a few years later. Sigh.

    Hoping by next year I'll be able to hit the gun show with a vengeance and make up for lost time picking up several items I'd like (and several I don't even know about yet! :rolleyes: ). :jumping::jumping:

    Many thanks, :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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