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    My WWI & WWII Pistol Collection


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    I do have the wood shoulder stock/holster for this along with an ammo pouch I found which goes on the strap and is a perfect match to the rig.

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    Whats with the smooth grips on the Luger?

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry about that... I should have mentioned that. :blush: They are custom grips that were on it when I purchased it at a little pawn shop in Florida. Would love a set of brown combat grips for it eventually but I've yet to be able to find them for what I feel is a reasonable price. The search continues. :rolleyes:

    Dan :cheers:

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    Maybe the original grips were in bad shape.

    least it gives you something to "aim" for ;-)

    Yeah... I figure I'll give it a "shot". :cheeky: There's gotta be a pair with my name on them out there somewhere. :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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    Very nice Dan. I didn't know you had guns :jumping:

    I got a P-38 tucked away somewhere as well :rolleyes::cheers:

    Hi Darrell,

    Yeah, got these, a few more non military pistols... some modern remakes of Civil War era blackpowder pistols, a bunch of assorted military and civilian rifles and a few antique shotguns. I'd have had about three times as much of everything including many original Civil War pieces, some Revolutionary War... you name it had my father's collections been given to me as specified in his will. Sadly his former wife who he'd gone back to after he and my mom got a divorce ended up faking another will and screwing me out of everything. :angry: Some State Trooper "friend" of my dad's ended up with all the guns and Lord only knows what else. For "ended up with" read "stole"! :banger: And due to the distance (them in Maryland, us in Florida), lack of money (estimated $8,000 minimum to fight all of it... no guarantee of winning), their strong union and a ton of other things I basically got screwed out of all of it. Sigh. :(

    But, life goes on. Hoping to eventually add a few more pieces I'd like to get... a Mauser HSc, a U.S. .45... some other odds & ends. Perhaps I'll have a go at some during next years gunshow here in town.

    Would love to see your P38 if you manage to dig it out. I lucked out on mine. A guy I did some deals with down in Florida owed me some money on one of the deals. He knew I'd longed to get one of these. Well, one day he comes out to the house and hands me a box. Inside was this P38. He asked if I liked it (silly question! :P ) and knowing that his brother collected them I thought he was getting an opinion on one of his pieces. Told him what I liked about it and he said well, if you want it it's yours. Needless to say I was thrilled!

    I've fired everything except the small French auto, the Bolo and the Nagant. Every piece I've fired has worked like a dream. Haven't shot at all since moving up here although we do have a firing range just a bit outside of town... and it's free to use. But it's just not the same as being able to walk out in my own yard and plink away like I could in Florida.

    Dan :cheers:

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