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    Anybody know where I might be able to pick up an M15 grey painted spike for a Prussian OR pickelhaube ?

    Original preferred of course but on the grounds that nothing looks sadder that a Pickelhaube without a spike, I'd use a good replica as a temporary replacement until a real one turned up.

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    In combat they were often worn without spikes.

    There is the famous example of a company in Verdun collecting all the spikes in 2 bags before going into action.

    Somewhere along the way the spikes got lost.

    After the action the kaiser was coming to visit...

    What to do? carve spikes out of potatoes and pull the grey cloth cover over the helmet.

    Best is just to send it to me ;-)

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    M15 spikes come up on eBay on a regular basis. Many M15 spikes were worn without spikes! Most collectors avoid that but it would be perfectly fine to display a helmet without any spike.

    Thanks Joe, thats good to know. This one has had a hard life, so I think anything that could be done to improve its appearance would help ! Not something I would normally have bought but the price was low and the seller took stuff I no longer wanted in trades.

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