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    RN Trade Patches

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    I will again own up to having sold most of my RN items including my large trade patch collection.

    Before posting any of them here I was wondering if anyone is at all interestied in these patches. :D Also, perhaps if one is knowledgable enough to help fill in some missing details on the exact ranks and trades that such patches denote, they may be of interest to some of you.

    Pls post your interest if any! .... If not, I'll save myself the hassle of resizing and posting the odd hundred badges ......

    Jim :cheers:

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    I only have army patches really - I bought a load of old RN trade badges a few years ago but only to give to a friend in Sweden.

    The only navy patches I've got are WWII period German, they grew from a bag full that an old schoolfriend bought at a jumble sale for 25p & passed on to me, otherwise I would'nt have strayed into that field of collecting.

    The RN is a mystery to me, always interested to learn about these badges, & I like the bullion diver too - I have one or two of the WWII German equivalent in thread, but I have the bullion on dark blue British army "Shark wrestler" etc too.

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