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    In 1950, the President's Council of the Hungarian People's Republic established an order to recognize artists. The founding proclamation said "The Hungarian Board of Cultural Development orders that the acknowledgement of excellence in the theatre, film and opera be recognized and the workers shall be awarded an Award Badge."

    This award was given in two forms

    1st Class: Distinguished Artist of the Hungarian People's Republic,

    2nd Class: Artist of Merit of the Hungarian People's Republic.

    The badge was awarded as a medal along with a pension upon retirement. It was bestowed annually on August 20th. From 1952 other artistic branches were considered to worthy of receiving this badge. The central motiff of the badge was changed from the crest used during the Rakoci period to the crest of the Hungarian Republic in 1957. The 1950 and the 1957 issues of the 1st Class had the wording "MAGYAR N?PK?ZT?RSAS?G KIV?LO MŰV?SZE" written around the outside of the medal section of the badge and the 2nd Class had the wording " MAGYAR N?PK?ZT?RSAS?G ?RDEMES MŰV?SZE" in the same location. The reverse of the badge is blank.

    The 1990 issue of the badge had the wording changed to "MAGYAR K?ZT?RSAS?G KIV?L? MŰV?SZE" (Distinguished Artists of the Hungarian Republic) for the 1st Class and to " MAGYAR K?ZT?RSAS?G ?RDEMES MŰV?SZE" (Artist of Merit of the Hungarian Republic) for the 2nd Class. The 1990 1st Class was awarded to 27 recipients and the 2nd Class to 39 recipients on only one occassion; 15 March, 1990. The badge was abolished by the passing of Act XXXI in 1991. Pictured below is the 1st Class of 1957.

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