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    MVK bavaria 1st class and 2nd class

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    I have another question, this time about the Militair verdienst medal from Imperial bavaria.

    I have been offered a geuine 1st class(gold colored with black/white core with swords) and 2nd class(silver colored with black/white core, with swords) for my collection.

    How many 1st class awards where awarded(I read somewhere 300.000?)

    would 225,- euro be much for it?

    and the second class also around 300.000?

    would 175,- be a good price?

    of course, in a bavarian collection, these medals are a must, I have only begun collecting Bavarian last year(had imperial collection for longer), and these are missing for now, I have no clue what they would cost nowadays.

    thanks for the help.

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    Hi Roeland, Bavarian MVK's 1st class are very rare. be awre of upgraded 3rd and 2nd classes. most of the 1st classes offered are fakes. 225 euro for an original one is a fair price.

    award numbers:

    Milit?rverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern: ca. 175

    Milit?rverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse mit Schwertern: ca. 700

    Milit?rverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern: ca. 3800

    Milit?rverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern: ca. 15000

    Milit?rverdienstkreuz 3. Klasse mit Krone und Schwertern: ca. 73000

    Milit?rverdienstkreuz 3. Klasse mit Schwertern: ca. 290000


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    thank you for the information, I bought it.

    Here are some pictures of it, without ribbon.


    I bought it form a trustworthy seller, a real imperial dealer.

    Actually this was from an entire lot from a luitenant.

    he was awarder a malplaquete(only 300 excist),

    the whole lot was over 2000 euro, someone bought only the malplaquete so the rest where up for sale(quite sad that the lot isn't together anymore).

    this is the one it was awarded to:

    after the war he served in the Freikorps von Diebitsch,consisiting of 938 men and fought at Kurland,Litauen and the Polish border before it dissapeared in the Reichswehr, it consisted of 46.Sachsische Landwehr,MG-Komp.Abt.52 en 3 en Esk.Jager zu Pferd 8.


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    his awards:

    -on neck and the one below it, can't see what they are


    -MVK 1st class with swords

    -MVK 2nd class with swords

    -iron cross 2nd class

    -order of the crown 4th class

    - don't know what that last ribbon is for(no medal on it?)

    below spange:


    -iron cross 1st class

    -Stern von Malplaquet

    -wound badge, black

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    Hi Roeland,

    :unsure: I know that it sounds crazy, but since you asked - that lower neck decoration looks like an Imperial Russian St. Vladimir with swords. I can?t really see the upper one but it looks suspiciously Russian as well. Surely that star hidden below the Iron cross 1st holds the answer to at least one of these.

    If my hunch s right, this could be a most extraordinary group of awards. I imagine that someone else will come up with a more plausible identification though. :blush:

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

    P.S. Also, if I am right, and this group was completely intact; that is to have included the neck decorations and star; in my opinion this ?... trustworthy seller, a real imperial dealer.? is absolutely insane to have broken it up. :wacky::speechless: If he was in it for the money, as it certainly appears, he deservedly screwed himself good by breaking this one up. :jumping:

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    the star under the Iron cross 1st class is the Malplaquet star as shown in the picture below.

    Only 300 where awarded, only to this freikorps.


    I am trying to buy what is left of the lot, I don't know if they are sold yet because the other awards are already gone.

    I'm trying to buy the: Bavarian MVK 2nd class, Balten Kreuz 1st class,Iron cross 1st class, verwundete abzeichen 3e klasse(open frame).

    If I succeed, at least 5 brothers and sisters remain together.

    Edited by Roeland
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    The seller first had them complete in a frame with some items, such as the picture in the middle.

    The spange wasn't in the frame, all items/medals where attached to the frame seperately around the picture.

    I buy items from this seller for years now and know him well, he is to be trusted, I don't think he'd put them in a genuine frame and tried to sell as a set while they weren't, therefore I sure believe these items belonged together.

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    Guest Rick Research

    When the accurate final numbers for the MVK1X come out, that will be a good price, I think.

    That is a terrible reflected tiny scan of the photo, but it looks like a Russian St. Stanislaus over a Vladimir 2nd with Swords-- :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1: absolutely typical of the demented, ridiculous White Russian awards given to their post-WW1 German allies. Those should in NO way be considered as anything other than vanity junk, as far as what they were given for. The classes were completely ludicrous, and I suspect the recipients had to buy their own "paper" awards.

    Too bad the photo scan is useless. A pre-war Prussian Crown Order 4 and a wartime MVK1X suggests a ZAHLMEISTER to me (Bavaria insulting their paymasters by DOWNGRADING the awards they were given during the war) and if the whole was visible would very likely make an identification possible.

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    That is a terrible reflected tiny scan of the photo...

    the pictures on his site are all quite small, and this isn't a scan but a picture taken when it was in the frame,sadly I don't have a better picture of it though..

    wasn't able to buy the other awards as well, but instead, I bought an MVK 1st class with crown and swords, thanks to a tip from kevin in deva. :cheers:


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