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    Luftwaffe TSD (Truppensonderdienst) Administration and Judicial Service

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    This thread will be dedicated to the study of the Luftwaffe TSD (Truppensonderdienst = Special Troop Service).

    On 25Apr1944, the Luftwaffe Special Troop Services was formed due to manpower shortages in the Luftwaffe. This branch was to be a compilation of Luftwaffe Officials with certain specialities who were brought into the Regular Luftwaffe and were give the status of regular Luftwaffe Officers. This was strictly a voluntary lateral move from the status of an Official to that of Regular Luftwaffe Officer. There were stipulations based upon speciality, age, and physical standards. Officials who did not choose to be a Regular Luftwaffe Officer or were not qualified for other reasons kept their status as Officials. By 01Oct1944, the transition was to be complete.

    The TSD was open only to officer rankings.

    There were two Branches of the TSD. These branches were Administration and Judicial.


    The Officials traded in their administrative collar tabs and boards for the standard Luftwaffe types. Rank was reflected on the collar tabs by the use of the wreath and gulls. The double layered shoulder boards were removed and replaced by the boards with the single underlay.


    TSD Judicial- Wine Red

    TSD Administration- Light Blue

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    Administration branch:

    This branch consisted of Officials who volunteered from the paymaster and personnel sections of the Administration Service. Here is an example of some collar tabs, to illustrate the waffenfarbe.

    The shoulder boards had the single light blue waffenfarbe. The boards had a gilt Mercurian Staff cypher.

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    I have a number of officers shoulder boards with lightish blue waffenfarbe & bearing the mercurial rod - is it really possible to distinguish between LW TSD Admin & Heer transport?


    For clarification, all branches of the military went to the TSD. The Heer TSD boards look identical to the LW version except for the LW used their typical shiney braid versus the Heer's subdued/matte Russian braid. The waffenfarbe for the Heer TSD is lightblue as well. The KM simply applied the staff to regular KM officer's boards(no light blue waffenfarbe).

    The Heer transport waffenfarbe was more of a grayish color and did not utilize the mercurian cypher.

    Here are some examples from my collection:

    Heer TSD and tabs on the left and Heer transport board on the right.

    Notice the matte finish on all three boards. It contrasts to the type used on the LW judicial board above.

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    Now this conversation pertains to the LW TSD. Anything pertinent is very welcome!!

    This includes:

    1. Conversation on the topic of the TSD

    2. Period photos of these men

    3. Images of TSD related militaria

    4. Any period documents

    5. ANYTHING that pertains to the subject of this tread!!!

    Lets see whats out there!!

    Kind regards


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    Thanks for posting your tabs!! This is the most complete collection of TSD Administrative tabs I have seen. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Lets keep this thread alive!! Please post your TSD related items. Anything pertinent is welcome! Uniforms, inisignia, photos, documents, and ect!


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    Awarded KVK wII with Swords on 20/4/44 - Hitlers birthday - birthday honours award?

    The TSD was formed 25/4/44, so could the award be for volunteering to transfer to regular LW officer service in the new branch?

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