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    Two uniforms for your consideration

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    German fighter ace, Leutnant Walter von Bulow-Bothkamp seen in the Hussars uniform shown above which he continued to wear after transfering to the German Army Air Service.

    In that famous photo, Leutnant Walter von Bulow-Bothkamp is wearing a field grey M1910 hussar atilla. The one you you first showed a photo of is a pre war attila.

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    Very interesting tunics. Based on the piping of the collar and cuff, the "Bodenschatz" tunic would appear to be post-war, with the carmine color piping and peculiar litzen for the general staff. As far as I know, only generals would have piping (red) on the collar and cuff on a bluse, along with general's litzen on a feldgrau backing. Although as stated, he was the Adjutant for J.G.1, but I don't know if Bodenschatz was ever in the general staff.

    The tunic attributed to von Bulow-Bothkamp is most assuredly not his. Prior to tranferring to the air service, von Bolow-Bothkamp was in Husaren-Regt 17. The pre-war interims attila for this regiment is completely black, including the frogging, toggles and rosettes and with no frogging on the pockets.



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    Thanks for the terrific input guys... interesting how such pieces find their way into museums and always good to get an alternative expert perspective on these matters. :)

    What a nightmare when aquisition committees are set up and then get it so wrong!

    Here is the plaque for von Eberhardt's uniform at the top of this thread.


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