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    The MUNKASOR Cape

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    Previously, I started a thread on the grey dress uniform of the Munkasor. While I have little information on who wore these uniforms it would seem reasonable to say that they would have been worn by the full time component of this organization. The common uniform was the dark blue work dress and the cape featured in this thread would be for the grey uniform of the full time cadre.

    Until I saw this cape in the store I did not know they had one. It is not shown in the pictures of the dress regulations that I have. It is unissued and still has the manufacturers tag attached. It was made in 1978 and has been in storage somewhere ever since. It is still in perfect condition and looks as if it were made yesterday. It has a hood that buttons on underneath the collar. The neck is closed by a single plastic button. The front and the slits for both arms are closed by short sections of velcro. The inside is lined with plastic and has additional waterproofing for the shoulders. There are two straps which fit over the shoulders to hold the cape in place on the wearer. There is also a large flap that hangs down inside which I believe would have been used to role up the cape. This flap has two straps on the bottom, fitted with velcro sections. to hold the rolled up cape in place.



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