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    Leigh Kitchens Odds & Ends of 3R miltaria

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    Will do - some Heer Pionier boards, collar & cuff tabs:

    the leutnants tabs are sew in,the feldwebel is possibly tongue cut off, bottom left is a slip on, bottom right the t-bar board for the white summer tunic (Heer & LW?), the officers bullion tab has black metal wire backed by red cloth or thread.

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    I picked up a few as a kid, but did'nt really add anything until I was stuck abroad with no entertainment except beer & a generator a works computer.......

    I discovered a miltaria forum & ever since I've branched into sub-collections of 3R insignia, wehrpas, soldbuchs etc.

    I still thinkl of 3R as a side line, but I've accumulated a fair amount now, no rythm or reason to it, I just pick up what I like.

    Some LW Flak & Flight/FJ, all slip on:

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    Just for something different, the only decent 3R helmet I've got - a Normandy camo M40 single decal,

    Stampings are: D102, NS64. Scratched in the neckguard is "Vogel". Painted in the neckguard is "JR" or similar.

    The liner band is galvanised the only aluminium is the buckle & perhaps the flat round topped pins holding the leather to the liner band.

    The helmet is semi gloss dark green over sprayed with yellow ochre, red-brown & a lighter green.

    Edited by leigh kitchen
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