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    despite the fact, that Igor offers a Nevsky T2 (repaired) for just under USD 2.000,-, he offers now a Nevsky T1 V3 in immaculate condition + PMD-certificate for USD 7.600,- http://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=16403 :speechless1: .

    Well, that's the price range of a Glory 1cl, HSU or Kutuzov 2cl ... :rolleyes:

    Best regards :beer:


    BTW: We should not forget, that all Nevsky's T2 had been once Nevsky's T1 converted by the mint ...

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    Interesting and scary question; just to use the usual (and one very unusual) spepects:


    T2 - $3250 (DM)

    T2 - doc - $3150 (CR)

    T2 - $2750 (DM)

    T2 - $1995 (CR)

    T3 - $1595 (CR)

    TR (w/res) - $1400 (NB)

    T3 - $1390 (CR)

    T3 - $1350 (NB)

    T3 - $1320 (NB)

    Glory 1

    solo (456) - $7800 (CR)

    solo (116) - $2350 (NB)


    T1 (524) - $16000 (DM)

    solo (9146) - $7950 (CR)

    Kutzukov 2

    solo - $8500 (NB)

    (Including recently sold. Ignoring groups, just singles, document status noted.)

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    Alexei's Glory 1cl

    Dear Ed,

    I think, that it happened a long time ago, that Alexei (NB) http://home.netcom.com/~merezhko/orders.html sold his Glory 1cl for USD 2.350,- ;) .

    Alexei's "sold-notations" are a reminder to our glorious "past" ...

    I am missing the "proportions & relations" in the recent price-settings :( .

    Just a matter of demand & supply - Smith, Ricardo & Marx + Vienna & Chicago :unsure::rolleyes: ?

    Best regards :beer:


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    Oops, missed it. Sorry. Thanks, Dave. Wow.

    Edited accordingly.

    I'm here for you! :jumping:

    I actually noticed it as I was offered one in part trade for Chief Marshal of Aviation Koldunov's Lenin Prize. Gotta admit, a Lenin Prize for building the air defenses of the USSR has a bit more "historical interest" than a single Kutuzov, but....


    Edited by NavyFCO
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