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    Guest Rick Research

    It is one of tens of thousands of fakes of the "Hindenburg star," often commonly referred to by sellers as "museum" or "display" copies.

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    Alan -

    Rick is right, as usual, but to me, there is an interesting aspect to this particular piece.

    The Hindenburg star is a descendent of the ?Bl?cher? star which was created in 1815

    (of which there is also an abundance of fakes referred to by sellers as "museum" or

    "display" copies). Both are similar in form - a Prussian style eight pointed star upon

    which is mounted an 1913 (Bl?cher) or 1914 (Hindenburg) Iron Cross. I believe that

    these stars were additions to previously awarded Grand Crosses of the Iron Cross.

    Now, it seems that there were about eight Grand Crosses of the 1870 edition of the

    Iron Cross awarded; but, as near as I can tell, no stars. The piece shown here clearly

    has an 1870 cross on it; so if the above information and assumptions are correct, what

    we have is a copy of a piece that never existed. At the same time, while the 1813 and

    1914 copies are quite abundant, this is the first 1870 piece/copy I?ve ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing - interesting.

    Wild Card

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    My first impression on seeing the reverse of this example, in particular the hinge and the way the pin is attached to the hinge, is that the hardware assembly strongly resembles one of the fake Imperial and TR EK1 types that are currently flooding the market. The core detail on the cbverse does not look great either imo - certainly not pre-1900 quality!


    Mike K

    PS: found a good match to the pin on a bad DK fake, in case there were any doubts!

    Edited by Mike K
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