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Well, not being a native speaker either I'd still agree with Bob, although I might say respect the worker instead of recognise.

Christ knows what it was for though, being a socialist worker's party they may just have had them hanging on walls in offices.

One of the barracks I used to live in still has three massive iron (?) heads mounted on the front of one of the buildings, a soldier with tin hat flanked by what appears to be 2 metalworkers. Anyone else here know Moss Bank barracks in Bielefeld?


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Could be "Honour the work, respect the worker". Achten means to attend also.Like Achtung means pay attention. I think its one of those words that does not translate well.

Chris B you are correct in your translation. That is what the plaque translates into.

Mike you can get some info about the German Labour Front here... http://www.answers.com/topic/german-labour-front

Best wishes


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