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    That's not a collection...it is a flotilla! Very nice. Can you let us know the makers?


    Gary B

    Jan Arne and Gary,

    Thanks for the compliments! The makers of the badges are, left-to-right:

    Top Row: Mint Schwerin tombak (marked); Schwerin tombak (unmarked); Tombak L/52 (C F Zimmermann); Tombak L/18 (B H Mayer); Zinc Baqueville

    Second Row (all zinc): Mint marked FO (Friedrich Orth); GWL (Gebr?der Wegerhoff); Unmarked L/21 (Foerster & Barth); Marked W in Circle (Hermann Wernstein); Marked RK (Rudolf Karneth)

    Third Row (all zinc): Marked FO (Friedrich Orth); GWL (Gebr?der Wegerhoff); Marked L/21 (Foerster & Barth); Marked W in Circle (Hermann Wernstein); Marked RS (Rudolf Souval)

    Bottom Row: Marked zinc L/18 (B H Mayer); Marked zinc L/56 (Funcke & Bruninghaus); De-wreathed Tombak Hyman; Marked zinc "100" (W?chtler & Lange, featured on page 187 of Gordon's new book); Marked L/13 (Paul Meybauer)

    Best Regards,


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    Dear Erik,

    As I stated earlier, a wonderful collection. Great to see such focused collecting.

    I sold my one and only U-boat badge, a GWL last year. I need to get one here someday! Darm Luft badges keep gettgin in the way!

    Gary B

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