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    need help on Dutch medal identification

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    I have stopped collection Imperial German items and started concentrating on my family history, therefore I have a question concerning a relative:

    His name was Jan Marijnissen, he was commander of the rijks-veldwachterij Breda

    I have this picture of him, however I want to know if anybody can ID the medals for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    this picture is pre-war, but I don't know if this uniform is from his period as commander or before that (any help on that would also be appreciated, as well as ID on the fouragere/ lanyard, hat etc.).



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    The first medal is most likely Police related, Erik Muller might be able to help. The second medal is the "Eremedaille in de Orde van Oranje Nassau" The classe could be Bronze, Silver or Gold. I think this is a Silver one..

    The first medal is the Medal for Faithful Service in the County Constabulary (Medaille voor trouwe dienst bij het Korps Rijksveldwacht), which was awarded for 25 years service.

    His rank was Brigadier Majoor (Senior Sergeant).

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