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    Please help identifying polish airforce officer

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    Hello Gerd,

    It is Lt. Gen. (later full Gen.) Longin Lozowicki, Air Defense Forces Commander (1977-1990). The photo must have been taken between 1978 (Lozowicki's promotion to Lt. Gen.) and 1984 (Koldunov's promotion to Air Chief Marshal), probably in the early 1980s.

    Note Gen. Lozowicki's wound badge above the upper row of his ribbons.

    Hope it will help. :)

    Best regards,


    PS: where did you get the photos?

    Edited by Lukasz Gaszewski
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    Hello Lukasz, you are the man! :jumping: Thank you very much for the ID of Lt.Gen. Lozowicki. These pictures are part of a photo-album of Koldunov?s visit in 1984 the "Granit-84". I haven?t been able to find out, what that was exactly.

    Here is the dedication in the album. May i ask you for your help with the correct translation?

    Thanks again, very much appreciated!



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    Glad I was able to assist. The dedication in the album reads:

    To Comrade Marshal A.J. Koldunov

    As a memory of his stay

    with Country's Air Defense Forces

    on the occassion of the "Granit-84" training.

    I'd like to ask you something: I am thinking of writing an entry about Gen. Lozowicki in Polish wiki. It is a good quality photo of his in full glory. Can I use it as an illustration?

    A real fantastic acquisition indeed! Could you please post some other photos from the album?


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