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    1957 Faithful Service 50 yr Cross?

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    Guest Rick Research

    I suppose anything previously authorized could have been MADE... but you're right. How many 80-something retirees would have wanted/needed one?

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    Hallo Ricky, :beer:

    It would have been more believe-able if it was the silver 25 year award version, however, as far as I know the Faithful Service Cross never came under the 1957 rule, only military service and merit awards, incuding the campaign shields.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    Hallo Rick, the seller responded to my query with the following:

    Hi Kevin,

    this is an original 1957 award. This medal known in German as ?Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen Sonderstufe 50 Modell 1957?, is allowed under the 1957 Regulations, (Gesetz ?ber Titel, Orden und Ehrenzeichen.Vom 26. Juli 1957) specifically the amendment made on 24. April 1986

    (zuletzt ge?ndert durch Erstes Rechtsbereinigungsgesetz vom 24. April 1986).

    which states (In German)?

    ?Orden und Ehrenzeichen, die vom 1. August 1934 bis zum 31. August 1939 f?r Verdienste um die Olympischer Spiele 1936, um den Luftschutz, das Feuerwehrwesen und das Grubenwehrwesen gestiftet worden sind, sowie die in dieser Zeit gestifteten staatlichen Dienstauszeichnungen und Treudienstehrenzeichen. Sie d?rfen nur ohne nationalsozialistische Embleme getragen werden; f?r ihre Form sind die von der Bundesregierung bestimmten und im Bundesministerium des Innern verwahrten Muster *) ma?gebend;?

    This translates to:

    Medals and decorations, those from 1 August 1934 by 31 August 1939 for services to the Olympic Games 1936, to the air protection, fire-brigade, as well as the national service honours and faithful service decorations donated in this time may be worn only without National Socialist emblems; for their form from the Federal Government determined and samples are kept in the Federal Ministry.

    I hope this answers your question, Regards, Mark

    Kevin :speechless:

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    Seems that the Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen u. Dienstauszeichnungen, 1938.

    Sonderstufe f?r 50 Dienstjahre 1944

    1. Stufe f?r 40 Dienstjahre

    2. Stufe f?r 25 Dienstjahre

    Sonderstufe f?t Angestelle und Arbieiter in der freien Wirtschaft f?r 50 Jahre.

    were available under the 1957 ruling according to page 226 in:

    Katalog Deutsche Oeden und Ehrenzeichen 1871 bis zur Gegenwart Bundesrepublik

    by Nimmergut / von der Heyde Fischer ISBN 3-89441-296-8

    Well knock me down with a wet herring :speechless1::speechless1:

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    And that is a part of the "Anlage", nearly 100 pictures of the allowed (and changed in the design) orders and decorations:

    Only these documented peaces in the "Anlage" are original 57 versions :D



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    Uwe :cheers:

    thanks for your information, my reference to: "Nimmergut/Feder/von der Heyde, Deutsche Orden und Ehrenzeichen"

    was to show that the 1957 Faithful Service Cross Cross did indeed exsist and came under the 1957 Series, prior to this I never even knew this or similar exsisted :o

    The book I refered too is dated, a 1995 copy.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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