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    At the very least, it has had a hard life. All the mountings are improvised, so we must be flexible here. There has been some pretty aggressive faking of naming (as all were issued unnamed and naming was a very "free market" process). But most faked naming is not as bashed about. From what I see, condition is the major concern. Sorry, but I don't know about medal rolls to natives (of the British Isles), as I focus on those to Indians. Personally, I'd want to check this guy on the medal rolls.

    The 9th (Queens Royal) Lancers were there (the only British cavalry), so at least this much seems OK.

    Hope this is of some help.

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    Hi Jani,

    Mmmh, isn't the Punniar Star rather "1843" than "1848" - the battle of Punniar taking place on 29th December 1843 ?

    After a little photoshop clearing, the inscription seems to be :

    "Cornet Wm.

    Hamilton H.M.

    9th Queen's

    Royal Lancers".

    And Hart's List 1846 does indeed list, among the 9th Lancers :

    Lieut. Wm. Hamilton, adjutant

    Cornet : 29 April 1842

    Lieutenant : 23 October 1845

    The following comments are added :

    "Lt.-Col. Fullerton, Captains Spottiswoode, Read, Macartney, and Power ; Lieuts. J.C.Campbell, Anson, W.R.N.Campbell, Robarts, Studdert, and Hamilton, Quartermaster Allan, Doctors Wood and Staunton, were in the action at Punniar on the 29th Dec. 1843, and they have received the Bronze Star. Major Fullerton commanded the Regt. ; Capt. Read commanded the right squadron ; and Capt. Spottiswoode acted as Brigade Major of the first Brigade of Cavalry."

    Cheers !


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    You're welcome Jani,

    Good news is that he's seen more action (bad news meaning there are more medals out !)

    Hart's List 1852 : still a Lieutenant and Adjutant of the 9th Lancers.

    "Capt.Anson, Lieuts.Campbell and Hamilton, and Qr.-Master Allan, served with the 9th Lancers in the battle of Punniar (Medal) ; the campaign on the Sutlej in 1846, including the battle of Sobraon (Medal) ; and in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9, including the passage of the Chenab at Ramnuggur, and battles of Chillianwallah and Goojerat."

    A "Captain William Hamilton", 9th Lancers, served in the Indian Mutiny as Deputy Assistant Adjutant General to the Cavalry Division under Sir J.Hope Grant.

    He served during the operations at Lucknow in March 1858, and was mentioned in despatch : "Major Hamilton was most useful"

    Major indeed, as he was granted a Brevet of Major on 19 Jan. 1858.

    It needs to be checked that it is the same William Hamilton - but I'd be surprised if they were different characters.



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    There you go :

    London Gazette, 30 June 1857

    9th Light Dragoons, Lieutenant William Hamilton to be Captain, without purchase, vice Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel Pratt, deceased. Dated 9th April, 1857.

    It is to be noted that "9th Light Dragoons" was then the "official" name of the 9th Lancers.

    London Gazette, 18 February 1859

    9th Light Dragoons, Lieutenant Robert Mills to be Captain, without purchase, vice Brevet-Major Hamilton, deceased. Dated 6th November, 1858.

    So you certainly have an interesting story here !



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    Isn't there ? :cheers:

    But more from 1857 :

    Despatch From Brigadier J.Hope Grant, C.B., commanding the Cavalry Brigade, Delhi Field Force (...) - Dated Delhi, 17th September 1857.

    I have the honor to report, for the information of Major-General Wilson, that, according to instructions recieved, I proceeded before daylight on the morning of the 14th with 200 of Her Majesty's 9th Lancers and 410 Natives from the Guides, the 1st, 2nd and 5th Punjab Cavalry, and Hodson's Horse, three guns of the 1st Troop Horse Artillery and four guns of the 2nd, to the neighbouring of the 1st Field Battery, where I remained till the assault of the town had commenced.


    4. I beg especially to bring to the notice of Major-General Wilson the names of the officers in this despatch, and also that of Captain Hamilton, my brigade-major, a most excellent officer in every respect, ready and willing to do his duty whenever he is called upon. His horse was shot upon this occasion.


    A "Delhi Spearman", is he ?

    Most Classic stuff !



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