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    Hello :jumping:

    I have two metal letters in my collection. It looks like they are made of zink. I believe that they are german. I must admit that I don't know much more about them. I had nearly forgotten, about them, when thy recently resurfaced, from a storage box. I have a few questions about them. What does the letters mean? What branch would have used them, and are they from the third reich era?


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    This actually looks like something from the Luftwaffe side of the house. The Luftwaffe had a special department of civilian supply/logistics personnel who wore a uniform with collar tabs. One tab would have the "G" and the lapel would have a tab with the letter "L". I will look through my references.



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    I found it... On page 142 of "Uniforms and Traditions of the Luftwaffe, Volume 2" by Angolia and Schlicht,

    Personnel of the Chief of Supply and Procurement (Generalluftzeugmeister- GL) was comprised of Civil Technicians that were assigned as controllers of armament factories in the Reich and occupied territories.

    Very little is known about this organization, but most period photos show these men wearing fliegerbluses. They would wear, either on collar tabs or punched through the collar, the letters "G" and "L". Often the "G" would be on the wearer's right collar and the "L" would be on the wearer's left collar. Although, there are photos that shows both letters being worn on both collars.

    Their national emblem consisted of a cogwheel with the luftwaffe eagle superimposed. This breast insignia was a pin back, like the metal eagle worn on the standard LW summer white uniform.

    If you want to "see" what I am talking about, please shoot me a PM. What are the heights of the cyphers?

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