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    This just got here today in the mail, all the way from jolly ole England biggrin.gif, sold to me by a member of this forum. It's the remnants of thhe medals and awards belonging to Leutnant zur See Heinrich Neimeyer. DKiG winner and U-Boat Commander.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Need his biographical information? Lost of ships sunk? Etc? ninja.gif

    he was actually Oberleutnant zur See der Reserve (1 February 1944)

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    Guest Rick Research

    "U-Boat Net" probably has lots more. This is just what I have:

    Born 15 June 1910 L?bej?n, Sachsen-Anhalt

    Navy in "Crew X/1939" and final rank as above

    Watch Officer and Acting CO of the 15th Outpost (Vorposten) Flotilla June 1940 to September 1942 ("Minesweeper" badge)

    Submarine training September 1942- February 1943

    1st Watch Officer of the highly successful U-515 from February 1943 to March 1944, during which time the following vessels were sunk (I have nationalities, types, and longitude/latitude but that too much to type on such a sweaty night)

    March 4, 1943= California Star

    April 9, 1943 = Bamako

    April 30, 1943 = Corabella, Bandar Shahpur, Kota Tjandis, and Nagina

    May 1, 1943 = Clan Macpherson, Mokambo, City of Singapore

    May 9, 1943 = Kanbe

    November 18, 1943 = Chanticleer (not sunk, reached port but a total loss and scrapped)

    Commander U-547 16 April 1944 to 6 January 1945 (though sub taken out of service at Stettin 31.12.44 due to mine damage suffered 13 August near Pauillac in the Gironde estuary)

    June 14, 1944 = Birdlip, Saint Basile

    German Cross in Gold 20 August 1944 as CO U-547 (apparently on total points including however shared U-515 scores?)

    Construction Instruction while Type XXI U-3532 was being built 7 January to 14 April 1945 and although not officially commissioned, left Danzig with tugboat "Passat" to Hela 11-12 March 1945 and then took refugees from there to Kiel 16-19 March 1945

    Commander U-1223 15 April 1945 to end.

    Not a member of the postwar MOHeV so I have no civilian occupation or marital info. "U-Boat Net" probably has his death date.

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