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    Hi,anyone know any of the prices realised in the Thies latest auction ?? In particular the Cased Juncker air gunner badge (lot 234) thanks,Ferg1.


    Theis has an on-line site where you can look at past and present auction catalogues, and also a section where he posts auction results. I recall the air gunner badge selling, but won't venture to rely on memory in quoting a price.


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    Hi Ferg1,

    According to my list, it went unsold. I had an opportunity to view and handle this piece prior to the auction and even though I do not know the first thing about aviation badges, I had to look this one over - it was that impressive. It may be a common copy, I wouldn?t know; but it sure caught my attention. :love:

    Best wishes, :cheers:

    Wild Card

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    Nope, it is ex-Stogieman collection, and comes with his COA.

    I've seen maybe one other in my life I trust. The auction example is still available, but I think for protocol's sake contact Thies for the time being...I'll raise the price! :speechless1:



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    The photo in the online catalogue is a little blurry but on the whole it looks OK. I have an issue Juncker gunner badge in my collection ( three rivet reverse) which interestingly has the same eagle as this one. There are two slightly different styles of eagle, ones normally (allbeit rare) seen on the silver two piece examples and a slightly different one for the pressed out issue piece, the differences are very minor, slightly different angle of the eagles head and different beak shape. I think that the price would be too much for me at the moment,I am happy with my issue piece for now.Ferg1.

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