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  1. I just managed to take the photo of my Luftschiffer out of the Kompakt (see a few posts above) --and there is a name on the back! It reads... H. Tegtmeier Nordholz 1917 Luftschiffharry and his great crew identified a MMT. Henry Tegtmeier who served on SL 8 and SL 20 under KptLt Guido Wolff. Does anyone have his service record? Did he survive the war? Comparing the studio portrait of young Henry above and in the crew photo below shows a more battle hardened Maschinist!
  2. VERY nice sleuthing, you guys. Thanks for the positive IDs!
  3. Thanks for the comments, folks. Bayern, in that WW1 photo of the second mask being worn by American soldiers, what kind of unit were they?
  4. Can anyone identify these 2 visors or suggest a better category? I have no idea what country they are from! Thanks First one... Second one...
  5. Hi, Bayern I just got a letter from the Musee d'Armee (that was very nice of them)--they agree with you!!
  6. Thanks, Trooper, I have seen Marbot's shako. Some similarities, some differences. Your opinion? I also note there is some discussion about the 7th Shako's colour changing from yellow to green by Waterloo. I have also seen the Austrian shako below--again some similarites, some differences. I need a 1st Empire expert to wade in!
  7. An old collector asked me to try to ID and sell this for him. He bought it in Paris in the 1960s. Any idea what it is? Someone suggested 7th Hussards. Someone else said it isn't French at all, but an Austrian 1st Empire Shako. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help!
  8. Yes, I think so, too. The L19 sank in 1916, this was done in 1940. I have a bad picture of Rinken...second row on right....that may have been taken a few years apart...
  9. Tonder and all of Denmark was occupied in 1940. The majority German families in that part of what used to be northern Schleswig-Holstein were probably quite proud to be German again!
  10. You probably know more about this than I do!--but the chart I read said "H.J." for Hans Jensen was used until 1937... Ooops...just checked another chart... https://www.925-1000.com/denmarkH.html The same H.J. was picked up again in 1937 and used until 1957. So the "40" on the Thre Towers means 1940? Then all three marks line up at 1940. Thanks!
  11. Okay, with a little help from Luftschiffharry, this may possibly be Artur Rinken, who drowned on the L19. The L19 flew from Tondern Zeppelin base. Rinken was born in Tondern in 1892. Tondern was given to Denmark in the 1920s. Based on the Danish Maker's mark and Assay mark this piece was made between 1932 and 1937.
  12. Thanks for checking Alex. Maybe he was stationed at Zeppelin base Tonder, which used to be Danish territory before the war. But the piece was made after the war, so maybe he returned for a sweetheart there?!
  13. Alex? Anyone? Any thoughts on this engraved Godet? 5.7 cm breit. I would love to know... 1. The year of these Danish hallmarks. 2. Anyone know who this Luftschiffer is? Maybe Signalmaat Ruskowski (from the other thread) who was interned in Denmark? 3. Anyone else seen an engraved Zeppelin on a piece of silver? This is the first I have seen. Thanks!
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