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  1. Got a little more information. The graphic is an advertisement / Plakat Fokker placed in the Mai-Juni 1918 issue of MOTOR magazine on the subject of "Air Weapons". He had just been awarded the exclusive rights to manufacture Spandaus using the new "Fokker Prozess" which replaced the "Hedetke" process, and I wonder t if he pin was given to the Jastas which field tested the new guns? I believe there was also the 3rd or 4th Flying competition about the same time.
  2. Is this a clue of any kind? Fokker was always giving things away to "his boys".
  3. Great information, guys. Thanks. Does the pin and hinge date it? This is a keeper if pre-1939...it sure doesn't feel post-1945...
  4. Does anyone have any idea what this is? It's about 60mm high and wide. On the MG is "JASTA 72-74". No other marks. If not for Jastas I would think this is an Austrian Kappenabzeichen. HELP!
  5. Yeah, thanks. Someone suggested it was a high school Navy ROTC officer...e.g. "Lincoln High School"
  6. It looks like the Meybauer on page 85 of Panda's book--the variation 2 island with peak. Probably the pin was replaced at some point and bird rivetted for extra strength.
  7. Can anyone ID this cap badge and give an approximate date for its use? Thanks!
  8. I just managed to take the photo of my Luftschiffer out of the Kompakt (see a few posts above) --and there is a name on the back! It reads... H. Tegtmeier Nordholz 1917 Luftschiffharry and his great crew identified a MMT. Henry Tegtmeier who served on SL 8 and SL 20 under KptLt Guido Wolff. Does anyone have his service record? Did he survive the war? Comparing the studio portrait of young Henry above and in the crew photo below shows a more battle hardened Maschinist!
  9. VERY nice sleuthing, you guys. Thanks for the positive IDs!
  10. Thanks for the comments, folks. Bayern, in that WW1 photo of the second mask being worn by American soldiers, what kind of unit were they?
  11. Can anyone identify these 2 visors or suggest a better category? I have no idea what country they are from! Thanks First one... Second one...
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