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    Third Reich Stamps and Coupons

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    Hello WW2PO!

    I general I don't touch any of thoese higher end stamps if they havn't been expertised - there's just too many bogus stamps out there and considering a price around $10.000 for a genune one cancled - I just won't :)

    It's the same with the local issues aswell - not expertised, no sale (unless it's pennies we're debating here for the cost, then I may perhaps purchase em)

    you can check this list here and see if there's anything that you want to try :)


    Note: a Item being expertised is not a guarantee - but a expert opinion.



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    There are some fantastic stams here! I really like those Luftpost stamps a couple of pages back. I've had these ration stamps rolling around my collection for more than 30 years. Glad there is a place to finally share them :beer:


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    Here are some of the DAK -- Tunis Packen stamps in my collection. These were used on Feldpost packages shipped by DAK men from North Afrika. They were also printed there as well, reason for the inconsistancy of the printing. Ones that have been used and that are still on the original package paper are very rare. Genuine ones are found in both perforated and without. Some may also be reproductions of this stamp and are difficult to tell. If anyone knows how, please post the details?

    The official name for this stamp is:


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    Here's a few my of latest auctions from the danish QXL.dk




    Thiese are perhaps not of the greatest value money wise - but for my lil'll collection, they are just the thing :)



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