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Tradition badge: Leibhusaren skull

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this badge takes the tradition of the former "Leihusaren". It consists on a jawless skull . It was worn until the WW1 in the 1rst & 2nd Leib Husaren Rgt, and then during the "Reichswehr" thus the Wehrmacht (see the diagram).

The skull was worn on the cap between the cocarde or between the wreath and the eagle. Several types exist depending the availability and were worn ( panzer collar type skull, 1rst SS pattern skull), but one is typical to the cavalerie.

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This one is particular. I picked it up on the net and if the owner is there and want I removed it, just ask me.

the guy was enlisted to the IR 17, but he is wearing the Leibhusaren skull. No good skull available, he was a former cavalry man ? Don't know the eason but very interesting picture.

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This design has always struck me as blatantly weird-- there being no jawbone, there was nothing to hold those lower teeth "on!"  cheeky.gif


There is only one set of teeth.

What looks like the top set is in fact meant to be the skull cavities into which the teeth fit - if you get my drift.

Looks like two rows of teeth - but only one.

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