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    National Trade Competition awards

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    Trade competition victor badges with their accompanying award documents.

    The Riechssieger came in a black case of issue. The Kriessieger and Gausieger normaly

    came in just a red or blue cardboard box.

    user posted image

    The Kreissieger award doc with other related competition paper work. This particular

    individual went on to be Gaussiger and Riechssiger. All the award documents have a grumpy

    Adolph portrait on the inside cover to greet their new owners. charming.

    user posted image

    The Gausieger award document. Notice the facsimile of the Gausieger badge on the cover

    of the folder.

    user posted image

    And finally the Reichssieger the highest award one could attain. The award document at

    this level came as a hardbound folder.

    This particular one is covered in linen, I've seen other different designed examples,

    for example the one shown in Philip Baker's book has a mock wood veneer cover.

    user posted image

    The document was personally signed by Dr Ley and von Schirach.

    Anyone with more trade competition and related badges please post them.

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