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    Hi Chris

    This ia an extremely unusual bayonet. First, it is almost unheard of to have an S84/98nAS with a Pioneer marking... I say almost, there are one or two around but they are very rare. Second, the bayonet looks like it has been re-gripped with Third Reich bolts. Can you tell us anything more about the bayonet and its markings? Although the unit marking of bayonets became very irregular during the war, the markings on this one are unusual in font type and size, not to mention the upside down "2". I am suspicious.

    If it was a straight 1.P.2.35. it would be 2nd company, weapon 35. However, if it was an attempt at a 1.P.S.35. it would be the searchlight company of the 1st Pioneer Batn.

    I am not an expert on frogs but the one you show looks like an Austrian style frog.

    best wishes


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    I had not noticed the bolts, comparing them to my other ones, you are right, it has slotted screws.

    I know little about the origin, I bought it from a postcard collector for EUR50 which I think was a steal. On the phone he told me it was stamped 1.P.Z.35 and could he get EUR50.

    I figured it was worth a gamble as these sawbacks go for between EUR150-200 here.

    All the best


    P.S. Welcome to the forum... please check out my thread on the Schutztruppe bayonet... there was no bayonet collector around to appretiate it at the time :-(

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    Just to see if anyone had any further ideas on this?

    Just to add for starters that it would be nice to know what spine mark and maker mark you have there? I would guess W/16, and the maker 'DEUTSCHE MASCHINENFABRIK' - but they did not always date their blades...

    Any marks on the scabbard finial? These are sometimes found on S.84/98 scabbards.

    My money would go on 1.P.S.35, using a reversed 2 for the S, and so Pionier Battl. 1, 2 Schweinwurferzug, Waffe 35 - but that's only because the field pioneers were normally equipped with the S.98/05 and a kife-bayonet would be of more use to a searchlight crew.

    As for the uneven-sized marks, I have an 84/98 n.A marked 'FLZ 1036', and the style and size matches what you have. Some of the early-war period unit-markings did not always match what the regulations demanded...

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