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    I found an unusual one on ebay....

    Published in 1915 in Stuttgart, with index and corrections in seperate booklets...

    Rangliste: der Beh?rden und Truppenteile im Bereich des stellv. Generalkommandoes XIII. (K.W.) Armeekorps.

    Anyone seen one of these before ??

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    Hi Chris,

    I have the 1916 & 1917 editions. They basically cover the guys serving at home in W?rttemberg in the XIII Corps Area. Of particular interest are the seniority lists of all the Erstaz and Landsturm battalions etc.



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    Guest Rick Research

    I love Secret lists. :rolleyes:

    I have the 1917:

    Extra features: actual commission dates for the Reservists, and a darned good way of judging who was home on wound convalescent leave at those depots and training units.

    Hope you haven't just knocked yourself out of the bidding before it ended. :banger:

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