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    Soviet shashka nickle fittings


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    Heres a piece I picked up this weekend at the flea market.

    I like Imperial russian swords etc. but this is out of my area of collecting.

    No other markings than the A. 43.

    Fittings are steel and nickle plated. all fitting show even wear.

    I remember reading somewhere that these were carried by special police?


    for looking



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    George ... c'mon. You got that at a flea market? A FLEA MARKET??!!

    Man, you have better flea markets where you are than we have in Oregon. I never before wanted to move back to CA, but you're making me reconsider. You need a little competition, I think.

    NICE score. You're having a good week. So, you think that nickel fitting indicated special police?

    I have only visited our blades forum once or twice. I have I few assorted blades somewhere in my assorted piles of stuff. When I get home I'll try to remember (a chronic problem) to share a few images. BTW, your images are very good.


    Home in 27 days!

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    Hi Chuck,

    Yes a flea market and late in the day at that.

    My brother told me about it. So I took a chance it was still there and it was. :rolleyes:

    The dealer already packed up because of the heat so I got it at a discount $100.00

    I hope someone here could tell me more about the silver finish.

    Not really my area of study but I always liked edged weapons.


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