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    Dutch Red Cross 1940-1945 Commemorative Cross

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    A nice Dutch Medal from the Red Cross, the 1940-1945 Commemorative Cross.

    Her a version with the 1945-1950 clasp for rebuilding the Dutch Colonies of the Dutch East Indies, with awarding letter.



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    Excellent one with the not so common bar for Indonesia ! Well done Wilco :beer:

    Can you give more particulars on the requirements for obtaining the bar ?


    The medal it self was instituted on March 31st 1950 for Red Cross volunteers that were active during World War Two in any relation to the Red Cross or the work of the Red Cross between May 10th 1940 and May 5th 1945. Also it could be erned for Red Cross work or work in relation to the Red Cros when involved in the rebuilding period in the Netherlands or the Dutch colonies right after the war. In the post war period in the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia there was for years a war like situation with guerilla warfare, liberation warfare etc, which finally resulted in the new State of Indonesia. Specially for Red Cross workers and Red Cross work that was being done in the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia right after the war the clasp "Indonesie 1945-1950" was introduced. About 1200 of the clasps were presented and about 10.700 crosses.

    (Source Rode Kruis Herinneringskruis 1940 -1945)

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