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Unknown large Soviet commemarative medal 1972.

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One of my favourites. Large commemorative medal, gilded bronze, enamels. Probably made in Estonian SSR. Maybe related to some border guard unit (green enamel).


I doubt it is Estonian since, as you surely know, Estonia was not part of USSR until 1940-41 and then from 1944-1991.

It seems to be related to the 50th year anniversary of the creation of USSR (Russian SFSR, Transcaucasian SFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Belorussian SSR) in 1922.

Other than that I have no clue. I have never seen this badge before.

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My guess is this a badge to the Order of the Red Banner Soviet border guard unit which was formed in Russia in 1922 and which located in Estonian SSR in 1970-s (Estonia was a part of USSR in 1944-1991). Maybe it did not locate in Estonia, just the medals were made in Estonia.

There are no maker marks on the back (Russian-made badges usually have), a quality is excellent (common to the Estonian-made badges) and these can be find in Estonia (I saw one in Latvia too).


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