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    I was lucky enough to be offered a complete set of Munkasor hats last week. Undortunately, at the time they were offered they were all listed for sale on the Hungarian equivalent of ebay and one hat was sold before the vendor could close the auctions. As of yesterday morning, I now have a set of Munkasor hats minus one.

    I'll start with the dress cap which would be worn with the Munkasor tunic I have posted in an earleir thread.

    The cap is made from the same cloth as the tunic. The chin strap is ornamental only. Buttons are gold and the sweat band is of leather. This is the later style dress hat with the cloth covered visor. That hat I am missing is the earlier dress hat with a plastic visor.

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    A woman's different style dress cap. These are the same shape as those worn by police women shown in my previous thread on a visit to the Police Museum. Since both organizations came under the control of the Ministry of the Interior these would seem logical.

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