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    Heer buckle with tab BUT.....

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    Hey gang....Here's what I think is a one of a kind item....It's a regular Heer buckle manufactured in what I think is 1941 (hard to read the date on the tab). It's stamped R.S.&S. (Richard Sieper and Son) but what is odd is that this is the first and only buckle that I've ever encountered where the hallmark is on the obverse, of front, of the buckle!

    This was obviously a "boo-boo" and I'm surprised it passed the inspection....I wonder if the maker would have gotten into some hot water if the RZM would have discovered this. I'm thinking it was Hallmarked first then placed incorrectly inside the machine for the next roundel stamping...

    I have yet to see another example. If anyone does have a buckle with the hallmark on the front, please post some pics....I'd love to see it!

    Here are some pics for you guys.....probably something you'll only see once! :cheeky:



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    Glad to hear that it is to your liking...I do enjoy these types of pieces....simply because they are different from the norm. I'll give the collection the going over to see if I do have more "odditites"....Here's one that is odd but not necessarily one of a kind. I've seen other examples like this but they are still rare.

    This is a HJ buckle that is hallmarked by two manufacturers: Overhoff and Assmann! One must have done half the buckle and then the other manufacturer finished it up.

    There is debate about these buckles (when they were made) - my take is that it is an pretty early piece when these buckle makers were still "small time" and needed to rely on each other.

    Both these makers did come to be two of the most prolific buckle manufacturers!!



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