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    Deumer L/S Eagles for Rick

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    Here 'tis Rick - I've blown these up to max without totally loosing ALL the definition - these unfortunately were drawn practically to scale - as you will spot... wink.gif

    Deumers' Long Service Eagles.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ahhhh yes... bird watching

    # 16500 the "Pineapple Body High Head Short Round Wings" jumping.gif


    And the distinctive "bump" on the bottom edge of each army eagle # 16318 jumping.gif is also one I know well, but don't have one of.


    Little quirks like these are what sets each type apart, like the Schickle type--once seen, always remembered. Like the Schickle, Deumer #16500 is not actually punched out under the chin, altering how the "profile" is seen above.

    The Luftwaffe ones will be trickier, since they do not have as much shape to compare... but those are some real "swan necks" there!!!!


    Here is just a sample showing variations, with catalog identified Schickles on the bottom.


    These are Monster Unknown, Pointed Short Round Wings, Small Flat Straight Wings, and the Schickle Massive Wings Tiny Wreath

    So TWO more eagle device types identified!! cheers.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    Is there a page showing these "406/411" eagles loose? They are on ready made ribbon bars, but the stock numbers are for the completed ribbon bars, not the device loose:


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    Guest Rick Research

    Well, that IS a strange one! Never saw that "1914" lapel bow device and never saw a 1939 like that, either! cheers.gif

    I wonder if it was those weird Saxons and their bizarre fixation with pointless non-regulation EK mini ribbon bar devices, dating back to the First War. Like father... like son? ohmy.gif


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