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  1. It is indeed the genuine article Bernhard. Congratulations on a fine I.Wagner - an original and scarce cross and very sought after even with a repaired catch like this one has. Nice! Marshall.
  2. It looks reasonable from a distance but you'll need much better pics of the front and back, in focus, against a background that is any colour BUT black before anyone could be certain. Being a humble WW1 EK2 - which are plentiful and cheap - I'd be surprised if it was no good, but of course it is possible. Perhaps you could help by identifying what it is that "doesn't seem quite right"? Marshall
  3. Yes correct. This is definitely a luxury private purchase piece not an awarded EK.
  4. Unfortunately, this is not a good one. A reasonably well known fake 1813 EK2. There IS a good 1813 EK2 that exhibits (from a distance) a similar looking crown... but this is definitely not it - and yes, the core is what gives it away.. Sorry
  5. Wow. Old thread bought to life! Yes Chris .... GODET.BERLIN
  6. Not an original Wagner 1870 EK, therefore the oxide should be of no concern to anyone. In fact it's fair to say it probably comes with the territory in a 'J Wagner' fake of this quality.
  7. A well known fake Rick... Everything is bad, core fangs and especially maker mark. Marshall
  8. Great example Danny - well done! Marshall
  9. I would be guessing, but given the name was 'Rosenthal' and the disdain with which inter-faith marriage was (and is) treated by the Jewish, I would say even if she was not Jewish born, she would have been a conversion to 'the faith'.. Great group made 100 times more special by the paperwork! Marshall
  10. A Grand Cross of the Iron Cross there as well... Especially interesting to see ANY PLM offered, let alone that particular style of PLM... it's not their more typical one-sided ceremonial 'Godet' style, nor is it the 'S&L' style which has baroque suspension, not pie wedge. Fascinating - thanks Don... Marshall
  11. Hi Gents Wondering if anyone has any more information on the career and/or awards of one "Generalmajor von Unruhe"... (Commander of the Kaiser-Garde-Alexander-Regiments?) This is all I can find http://www.historischer-service.de/preussen/regiment/garde/gg1.html which shows him as Kommandeure of Regiment Nr.1 in 1884. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks kindly Marshall
  12. Hi gents. Might pay to do a quick re-read of this thread http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3470&st=0&p=33458&hl=prinzen%20&fromsearch=1&#entry33458 Cheers Marshall
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