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    MG 34

    Rich Yankowski

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    A little beauty I picked up a short while ago.It has a solid receiver,so it's considered a non-gun.The bipod is a post war one,but I'll eventually get a period made one to replace it.I also intend on picking up a AA 'spider' site for it.Plus I bought two period slings for it,one leather and one canvas(I believe for the Africa Corp).

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    Yes they sure make a good conversation piece. Now you have a whole new list of stuff to find. Ammo cans, gunners pouch, belts, AA sight. Cool that you have slings. I could never find one for mine. I traded it all away last year. It worked out ok.


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    Wartime and post-war slings for these items have been on offer here in Germany for many years. From various collectors and dealers, I have always undersood that canvas slings made of coarsely woven material are late-war pieces.

    Does anyone have images of MG slings in use in North Africa and Italy?


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    Hi Rich,super nice piece.Interordnace and IMA(International Military Antiques) advertise the AA sight and other parts from time to time.Sarco inc. is another good sorce for machine gun parts.

    Hope this is of some help.

    Jim P

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    Thanks all!

    Jim P,thanks for the scoop on the sights,I've checked those sites before.The seller who sold me the leather straps also had a few AA sights,but they were $250 a pop!

    Vice Chairman,I paid abot a grand for this one,but if you really shop around they can be found in the $800 range.For a MG 42 add a few more hundred dollars.I'll get one someday,but my main addiction is Heer daggers,so they come first.

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