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Police caps-Old and New styles

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I was busy taking photos for inventory purposes the other date and finaly got to the police stuff. In comparing the photos I noticed that there are a lot of similarity in the caps but not enough to confuse the two if you have areference to go by. The police in Hungary stiil use blue as their "arm of service" (for want of a better term) but the newer police items use a lighter blue. Here is a picture of an HUPR period peaked cap.

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Now lets move on to some caps that are refered to here as the "Castro Cap". These caps were used from the mid eighties up through the 90s and I have not been able to tell if there was any difference in the caps other than the cap badges worn. The blue trim on these caps sems to be somewhere between the colur on the HUPR and current caps. These pictures show the caps with military cap badges which is incorrect. The caps are a dark blue with tun ups on the saide that can be folded down. The first cap will be a summer one. The brims are plastic and break easily.

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