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1) East Medal 41/42, Spanish Military Merit Medal (odd alone-- typical German incorrect Xs)

2) Sudeten with Prague bar in South German style mounting

3) Iron Cross 1939, East Medal, Sudeten Medal

4) War Merit Cross X, Rumanian Crusade Against Communism Medal

5) Iron Cross, WMC X, Sudeten with fashion goofy unauthorized period mini (should be last), Luftwaffe 4

6) Iron Cross 1939, Sopanish Campaign 1936-39 Medal (typical German improper Xs added-- Sedlatzek maker tag)

7) Iron Cross 1939, 1919-21 Silesian Eagle 2nd Class, WW2 War Merit Cross, Luftwaffe (gold for a 12?), ??? Rumanioan Order of the Crown?-- ribbon MEANT to represent a Rumanian Flyers Medal?

8) Iron Cross 1914 with 1939 Spange made by Otto Schickle company, bavarian Military Merit Order 4th Class/Cross 2nd Class with mini Bavarian type Xs, Hindenburg Cross X, Sudeneten Medal. Gray backing is typical of Godet bars, so if the pin is held between parallel hinge parts like an = that would confirm made by Godet-- who apparently often used Schickle devices during the war.

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 are fine-- with 1, 6, and 8 being quite interesting. #5 is a period mounting mistake, but otherwise looks OK.

The combination and mounting of #7 makes no sense at all. A lone Wehrmacht 12 is impossible. If that just looks gold in the scan and is actually silver, the WMC ribbon should precede the Silesian eagle ribbon-- and should have swords on it, since Wehrmacht memberss did NOT receive the civil type without swords. can't tell, but I suspect the scuffs on that ribbon may be where a late-war splint-backed Xs device has fallen off. The back looks OK, which suggests to me that this one is also a period REALLY badly mangled original mounting contrary to regulations.


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I pretty much agree, although I'm very sceptical about no. 1 and don't really like no.7.

However, no.3 is interesting: unless I'm not seeing the picture of the reverse properly, it looks like it's not a typical 3-tab bar (which is what it looks like at first glance). Is that a single hole in the middle or a rivet head?

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Thanks Rick and James, and yes that was a rivet of some form in the back of the bar, which

was loose, and it now hides somewhere in the carpet (as of about 2 minutes ago), I will have to

do a search and locate the little beast, but it wasn't attached to anything, and when I gave it a

gentle touch with a finger nail it bailed out straight into hiding somewhere in the carpet.

(I am doing some 12 hour day shifts at the moment, and have only just arrived home, so will get

some time to scratch around for it when I get some more time.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, and thanks agan.

Best wishes


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Thanks for that Ulsterman, I wonder if he quietly farmed any of his WW2 ribbon bars out to the

collecting community post war, or supplied others with the parts to do so.......

Johnsy that little rivet is a fully qualifed expert in camouflage, it is still in hiding !


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Hallo Rick :cheers:

with regards number 7 it could very well be for a WW2 Rumanian Aeronautical award,

but could I suggest another possibility, Italian Cross of Valour / Military Merit WW2 version

or would that be stretching the bounds of incredibility too far??

Kevin in Deva :cheers:

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