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    1. This is part of the Eric Campion collection on display in the RAF Museum in Hendon, near London. James
    2. The third medal on this group is an unrecognisable blur but can anyone recognise the last award on this medal bar worn by a Wehrmacht Hauptmann? I see a six-pointed star with cutouts and a round centre-piece, with a flat onion-shaped crown above it.
    3. Just for interest, here are the three that I have. On the first bar, the green ribbon was said to be for the Italian 1908 Messina Earthquake Medal, which is wrong as the ribbon for this is white with green stripes. If it really is Italian then it would likely be for the Order of Sts Maurice & Lazarus as Matt suggested. I don't have any information to help identify the other two.
    4. The pairing of a Merit Award for the Eastern People (i.e. the award without swords) with the KVKII would be correct for a non-German. However, I think for this bar I'd tend more towards the Hungarian Merit award which isn't that uncommon for Germans with few other awards. I can think of examples I've seen on medal bars for a Luftwaffe Officer and another for a member of the Polizei who had also served in the Wehrmacht. Neither had particluarly long service (or long medal bars).
    5. Hard to say, but I think the orange one might be the Order of Queen Maria and the one next to it the "Cross of Sanitary Merit" - both Romanian and both appropriate for a medic.
    6. I have the green ribbon with red stripes down as being the Hungarian Cross of Merit. I think this makes sense on this bar but not on the first one in the thread. I agree that the Danzig ribbon looks like it has been added on bar in question and that the alignment of the holes on the police ribbon bar is suspicious.
    7. See also the seller sigmund_tangsi from China currently selling on e-bay: "We can also provide German Ribbon Bar customize service. Tell us what ribbon you need, we can produce what you want perfectly! No matter Rommel's or Donitz's ribbon bar, we can produce:)"
    8. I agree that this is significant. This is not an LDO packet so it's not clear why Deumer would stamp it with their LDO number. The EK1 could be bought in retail outlets in a paper packet rather than a case, but LDO packets had the LDO logo on the front and did not give the designation of the award they contained.
    9. Thanks for the steer everyone - he is Croatian. The collar tabs are for an army Zastavnik (Officer Cadet or Ensign). The larger insignia on the cap is the NDH cockade. I still don't know what the smaller badge is though. regards, James
    10. The attached was described as being Ukrainian police from the WWII period. I'd be grateful for any information confirming the nationality and organisation and also anything on the rank. This is as clear as the detail gets - the detail on the cap insignia isn't any more visible on the original. My references on this sort of organisation are a bit limited - are there any good ones (internet or books?) Thanks, James
    11. I agree with Karynthian Cross for number 6. How about an Anschluss medal of 13 October 1938 for number 9?
    12. Thanks for the extra picture. The perspective is different now, and the colour doesn't look quite so bright as in the first pictures. This version is more gold coloured than the normal bronze and the ones I've seen like this are also a little bit thinner than normal. I think that this is an accepted variant. Regards, James
    13. Very good! I'd like to see the back of the Sudetenland medal (next to another one, if you have one) - the writing looks very big! James
    14. I know information about the LDO is far from complete but wondered what was known about the subject of licences awarded by the Pr?sidialkanzlei. We know that firms could be awarded a full licence (Vollkonzession) or a partial licence (Teilkonzession) to supply orders and decorations to the retail trade. What was the difference between a Vollkonzession and a Teilkonzession? And is it known which firms had which?
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