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Would the ship be camo-ed too? Or are these for wear ashore when the dry season beaches the Fleet? :speechless:

Of course the reflector stries are the crowning touch: somebody out der is weak on da basic concept of 'camo', no?


These are what they are calling "littoral" colours, so I guess they will match the littoral ships of the future. :rolleyes:

With regards to the reflective cloth stripe, that is so you can be spotted if you go over the side. I think that the idea behind the cams is "corporate identity" rather than an effective cam pattern.



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Please post for the world the names and addresses (SOMEBODY signed off on this!) of whatever very highly paid uh, "decision making" nitwits thought it was an EXCELLENT idea to put reflective stripes on camouflage. :speechless1::speechless::banger: This SHOULD be an extremely bad JOKE.

ONE cretinous booby I can understand. Maybe even TWO... but this sort of absolute cracked-brain idiocy requires the collective cranial activity of vast armies of inter-departmental pensionable bureaucracies and truly, truly defies belief...

but is apparently pandemic across our planet.

One can only deduce that our world is, indeed, being run by MORONS. :violent:

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I don't know what your problem is - my eight year old has Pyjamas just like that. He loves them. :cool:


I've often wondered, wandering through the 'war surplus' shops, the purpose of jungle-cammed underwear! Seems to me that if you're a strapping great 'paleface' running through the jungle in just yr gotchies, what colour they are would be the very least of yr worries. Or am I takng all this too seriously? :speechless:

Or maybe it's for the Sheila's? "Yes, these are my lucky undies. Wore them when we were hunting Osama." But then they'd have to be littoral underwear, wouldn't they?

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