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Finnish Ribbon Bars!


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Here is an Swedish one

1: Order of the Wasa and Liberty cross 2nd class for civilian

Could be 1918 issue or 1939 or 1941 :banger: impossible to say with just theese two medals

Not many 1918 or 1939 civilian Liberty crosses where awarded and of cause most to Finnish people.

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Here is a top bar of two?

Too bad theese ribbonbars got separated at some time,

1: Order of the Lion of Finland Commander 1st class

2: Order of the white Rose of Finland Knight

If he was a military guy (or she) he would have some more orders, could be an civil servant?

but a Order of LIon Commander class wasnt issued by the dozens exactly....


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And now a woman !

Here is a Finnish "Lotta"

She?s got a Liberty Cross nonfighter 4th class 1939

White Rose order/medal

Lotta Sv?rd Cross of Merit (quite unusual)

Winter War medal wo swords

Highly decorated woman from the winter war, I havent got the numbers of LS Cross of Merit awarded

but it cant be a lot of them.


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And another butchered ribbon bar :banger:

Well at leasy I think so, this must be the bottom half of a real fighters ribbon bar!!!

He must have foght in three or four wars ....

First the medal of " War of kindred nations cross 1918-1922"

Commemorative medal of battle of Tampere 1918

Ok, he was in the civil war 1918 and continued to fight in 1918-1922 conflict

and more, next medal is " Eastern Carelia commemorative medal 1918-22 OR Aunus Commemorative Cross 1919-22" I think its the Aunus cross

But the last one is " Lappland war commemorative cross" and that war was in 1944!

He was really a fighter

would be nice to have the rest of this bar.... :(

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Winter war 1939-1940 !

Here is a ribbon bar to someone working behind front lines but still risking his/hers life...

1: Medal of Libert first class 1939

2: Civil Defence Medal of Merit

3: Order of the cross of Liberty medal of Merit

4: Winter War medal wo sw.

A fireman? Airprotection unit ? maybe a female Lotta ?


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And back to 1918 !

Sorry for the jumping in history, but here is a almost standard ribbon bar from 1918 period

1: Medal of Liberty 2nd class 1918

2: Comm medal war 1918

3: Winter war wo sw

4: Com medal for battle of Tampere

A fighter from 1918 still doing service in 1939 but not in frontline anymore.

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Another civil war fighter

1: Liberty cross medal 1st class 1918

2: Comm medal 1918

3: Com medal of Tampere 1918

4: Probably Aunus com cross 1919-1922 (how many did participate in this conflict?)

Does anyone have som info about this Aunus com cross 1919-1922 ? :unsure:


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And yet another incomplte ribbon bar.... :o

Why do so many finnish ribbon bars get separated?

I dont know how many half , like theese I have seen during the years..

Here we got a top half of something

1. Liberty cross 3rd class 1941

2. Liberty cross 4th class with oak leaf 1941 (for 2nd award)

3. Liberty cross 4th class 1941

Or maybe he did it the "less is more" way? and just showed his bravey awards and

not the commorative stuff?


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Here is the first of two very similar ribbon bars

first this one:

1: Liberty cross 3rd class 1941

2: Libert cross 4th class w oakl 1941

3: Libert cross medal 2nd class 1939 ?

4: Winter war medal ws

He should/could have had another 4th class Lc 1941 after the one w oakl, often you see

different made bars and I dont relly know the regulations for theese?

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Interesting bar!

Now to something more difficult,

1: Liberty cross 4th class But 1918 or 1939 ? I would guess 1918

2: Libety cross 4th class civil 1939

3: Com medal 1918 with rose (for bravery I think)

4: Winter war medal wo s

Could have been fighting in 1918 got liberty cross then back in HQ or behind lines in 1939?


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Ribbon Bar to Colonel or GenMaj ?

Now we are talking !

Mini ribbon bar said to be used by navy personal?

Here we have a high decorated fighter fron three wars ! 1918, 1939 and 1941

1: Liberty cross 2nd class 1941? at no front service

2: Liberty cross 3rd class 1939 ( I am guessing here)

3: Liberty cross 4th class 1939

4: Order of White Rose Commander

5: Order of White Rose Knight

6: Com medal 1918

7: Com medal 1939 ws

8: Com medal Tampere 1918

9: German Ehrenkreuz 1935 (for 1918 civil war together with german troops ?)

10:German Eagle Order 1941-42?

Some high ranking officer in Finnish navy 1941-43? could possible have a 1 st class Liberty cross as well? If only theese ribbon bars could speak!


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Ooooooooooooooooooo. :love::love:

Wouldn't that last one have to have belonged to a former member of the "German" 27th J?ger Battalion to have received the Hindenburg Cross X?

can you show the reverses of these--maybe all in one scan--just to illustrate the variety of styles used?

I know EXACTLY what you mean about only having one row out of several! :banger:

1) Cross of Liberty 3rd X, Cross of Liberty 4th X, White Rose, Civil Guard Merit Cross

2) CoL 4X (1941?), CoL 4X (1939?), Winter War Medal X

3) Cross of Liberty 3rd Class CIVIL (!), Cross of Liberty 4th Class X (!)

4) Cross of Liberty 3X

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I didn't do the reverse of these :blush: I am just using existing scans to show typical combinations

and HALF combinations :banger:

like Christer's! :beer:

1) CoL 2X (which war, I wonder?), CoL 3X (ditto), Lion of Finland-Commander, White Rose-Officer

2) CoL 4th military second award (1941), CoL 4X 9which war?), 1918 Medal, 1939 Winter War Medal X

3) CoL 4X and another one so from BEFORE 1941-- a 1939 and a 1918?, Medal of Liberty 1st, Medal of Liberty 2nd

4) CoL 4X (1939? 1941?), Medal of Liberty 1st Class, 1939 Medal (never had a device)

5) unofficial Summa Cross from the Winter War, 1939 Medal X

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Thanks Ed and Rick !

I think you are right Rick about the 27th J?ger Btl most of the former members become high ranking officers in the Finnish Forces later. Have to see if I can find a list of Finnish officers who wa sin the 27th J?ger? Maybe it is possible to give a name to the ribbon bar?

Here is some pics of the backsides, hope they are ok.

Most are of the same type with long rather thin needles, but some older one from 1918 has screwposts

the ones with the thick blunt needle are often from Sweden.

Have a nice weekend all


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