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Guest Darrell


What is "dipping wreath"?


Hi Ian,

It's where the wreath "dips" outlined below. Unfortunately, that's not the only bad thing about this one.

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What is "dipping wreath"?


A good question, and one often asked.

Fakers will try every trick in the book to produce a badge that will pass muster. This includes cast copies of original badges, the production of fantasy pieces, the use of parts based on original badges etc.

A side by side comparison of this badge and an original ?Assmann? pilots badge will show that this particular fake?s wreath is based on that of an ?Assmann.?

As can be seen, Assmann badges have a slight dip in the wreath (a characteristic the fakers have tried to reproduce) but not as pronounced as the dip in the wreath of the fake?hence the term ?dipping or ?dipped? wreath.

Once your eye becomes tuned into the characteristics of individual makers, it becomes easier to detect the myriad of fakes out there.

What is most important for the new collector is that questions are asked before parting with hard earned cash, something I?m pleased to see you?re doing, Ian. :beer:

So, some comparisons.

Original Assmann pilot?s badge (left)?Fake (right)

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It?s all a matter of experience, and listening to your gut.

When you get to know the characteristics of makers and compare them to badges you?re thinking of buying, certain questions arise: do the characteristics match those of known originals?

Are the hinge, catch, rivets, methods of construction and finishing correct?

Of course, these points are not always 100% foolproof as there are certain types of fake that are so close that the only way to tell original from fake is by comparing weight and measurements. To this end? I would suggest that you invest in a good set of digital scales and digital ?vernier? callipers.

The other type of ?bogus? piece to look out for is the ?up-grade.? Original Pilot?s badges re-finished to look like Pilot Observer badges, day fighter clasps having the wreath painted black to look like night fighter clasps, Air Gunner badges re-finished to look like the unqualified version, and so on.

Yes, a steep learning curve but the more you compare the more questions you ask and the more you handle originals, the easier it becomes.

Remember, if your gut tells you it?s suspicious, it?s probably right. At the very least don?t part with any cash until you?ve checked it out.

Anyway, to answer you question regarding this particular badge? Simply: it looks like a Pilot?s badge but has none of the characteristics of any known original.

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