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Orden "Blas Roca"


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Order "Blas Roca"

It has only 1 Class and it is granted to Cuban citizens in recognition acquired in the accomplishment of daily and heroic efforts, reflected extraordinary merits through numerous outstanding attitudes in creative work, the development of culture, of education, sciences or sport, and in the construction of socialism in our country.

This Order was created by proposal of the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, whose representative in the Work groups, was in agreement with the use of this type of award.

In the 12 years since creation it has not yet been awarded. That is to say, nobody has been proposed to receive it.

It has not been recognised, until now, that one critaria needed to be proposed for its granting is that he has had to previously receive some other decoration.

Also the Order is not included in the nomenclature of any organ, organism of direction or superior leader of the Communist Party of Cuba.

"Although not an official requirement, generally it is demanded for their proposal, that they have previously received some other decoration of inferior hierarchy. From the political point of view, the proposals for their concession must be consulted previously to the Political Bureau of the CC of the PCC, when being including in their nomenclature, proceedings all these that must be run after their approval by the Central Commission of Pictures, and before their remission to the Secretariat of the Council of State, by the Secretary of this Commission by interval of the corresponding department of the auxiliary apparatus of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba ". Between both existing Honorary Titles, most advisable for his granting to the most outstanding pictures he is the one of: Honorary title of "Hero of the Work of the Republic of Cuba"


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That is one UGLY piece of metal! Completely atypical for all the other awards named after people to not have a portrait bust of the namesake person. Rather weird in that regard.

Thanks for the information that none have ever been awarded yet. :beer:

One does wonder what sort of "culture" is ACTUALLY meant, when this originated with the RAF.

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Now we have a correct image of the Orden "Blas Roca" what is the award in the first post with the Orden "Blas Roca" ribbon.

Well.... it seems to say Solidarity and while I was checking the SNTECD site I found this image. So possibly a Trade Union solidarity award/badge. It depicts the Plaza de la Revolution in Havana.

The photo shows the tower on Liberation Square, the English name used on Cuban sites

Regards Eddie.

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May be the first image is "Orden de la Solidaridad"?

Regards, IVB


Might well be yes :D

No real Information right now on that Order.

It was awarded postum to Alavo Paim the founder of the Brazilian Workers Party in Rio Grande and the Democratic Workers Party. For support and assistance during the blockade/ trade embargo. And contribution to the forming of the Brazil-Cuba parlimentary group.

Regards Eddie.

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