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    Hi Jos.

    Very interesting topic!

    yes! my set is not completely foldable, I chek it (in the PIC you can see max foldable)

    I hope you can see the label (try to send other pic but I have had problem on size, if you wish I'll send other replying)

    On the label the address is:

    MERZ - WERKE Frankfurt a.M.-R

    Have you other Luftwaffe glasses? It should be interesting to continue topic on pilot glasses

    By OTIS

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    Hi Otis,

    Interesting paper, yes, I would like to see it close-up if possible ?

    In case of N&G goggles you can post them in this thread, if you want..


    In case of rubber goggles just open a new thread and we'll see what happens then.., have no clue how many members have them actually..

    Yes, your type of N&G are the regular 3rd type, as I will call them, the foldabe one might be a later ( improved) pair and more practical to store or to put in the pocket etc..


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    Thanks Otis..

    Now I see, it's more a general prescription about Ultrasin lenses and who used them in their goggles..

    it's 1937 dated, might be a indication towards the first model..

    "Nitsche & Guenther" used the lenses ofcourse, but also "Merz-Werke" .. and I think maybe leitz also.

    I'm curious what types of goggles Merz-Werke made, all I know is they made goggles for car drivers/motor drivers, flashlights etc......


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