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  2. Survival item to make shot down pilots visible at sea. The yellow paint is cracked and worn off at places, but the bag is still supple, no rips.. The bag you're looking at is just the watertight protection bag, inside there a linen bag with about 500 gram of red dye powder. The linen bag has a piece of rope connected at front which is sticking out off the yellow bag at one side. The yellow bag was pulled open and the linen bag was pulled out and it could easily be opened at the back where it was all tied together with a small piece of rope. The dye is very intense and a tiny bit will show a r
  3. Hmm, the fabric looks rather blue-ish to me.. I agree Bundeswehr, but luftwaffe.. Jos.
  4. In several collections I've spotted the gauntlet leather gloves with seperate " trigger finger " as related to airgunner... ..., but are they ?? Any pics available where we can see these gloves in action ? Jos.
  5. Hi Paul, I personally don't know of any others sofar.. LBA means -Luftwaffe Bekleidungs Amt- , a kind of large depot.. Jos.
  6. I've a era book about clothing rules etc. and it says this : LBA(S)= Sonneberg ( not Stuttgart ! ) LBA(B)= Berlin LBA(BF) = BieleFeld The LBA 3 isn't mentioned, might be added in a later stadium.. LBA 3= ? Jos.
  7. Here's a pair suspenders of mine.. They originally came with the outfit. Jos.
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